Klaus Doldinger (Lufthansa Skies & Mandragora)

Does anybody here know where I could find a high quality RIP or MQA of the songs ‘Lufthansa Skies’ and ‘Mandragora’ by Klaus Doldinger?

Tidal and Qobuz do not have it.
Please PM or reply…


You can find Mandragora on Tidal under Passport

As AndyL says see under the group Passport. It is also available on Qobuz. Or at least Qobuz UK. The latter is why it is helpful if you would kindly advise us of your location in your profile. Qobuz has different catalogue of repertoire for each territory that it operates in so what may be found on one service is not necessarily available on another depending upon licensing restrictions.

The group is not Passport. The songs are by a famous german jazz luminary, Klaus Doldinger (he had a project called ‘passport’ btw). Both songs are 70s german jazz…

Thanks. I have to admit that I have zero knowledge of 1970s German jazz .

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Tidal don’t always define the taxonomy correctly so it helps to think outside the box

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Hello alvinjamur!
I think you might be looking for a couple of tunes that appeared on a Lufthansa promo 7” record from 1973. The record (vinyl or Flexi) contains two songs: Skies (Lufthansa Theme) and Mandragora.

You can find it on

You can find a modern version (2011) of Mandragora with Klaus Doldinger’s Passport on TIDAL https://tidal.com/browse/album/6508917


Excellent info. Thank you. Here in the US, neither track seems available on Qobuz under either Passport or Klaus Doldinger.


that is the exact remember listening to it when i was a kid.

when i click on tidal link…i get an error… :worried:

I can play the track from Tidal here in the UK

Andy : u mean mandragora as well as lufthansa skies…v v nice.
cannot do it from here in the usa. :pensive:

just Mandragora

Any suggestions on how I could get decent/hi resolution sigital veraions of these two travks ie., Lufthansa Skies & Mandragora ?

I looked for resbook cds but no avail. There are vinyl for sale but am doubtful of the quality. These two were released almost 40 years ago…