Just bought a used Scarlatti Transport

… now all I need is the rest of the gear to turn the 1s and 0s into music :crazy_face:

The transport went back to dCS in August and was given a clean bill of health (after an adjustment to its power supply). I really hope the Esoteric mechanism holds out for a few years at least, because it’s going to be eye-wateringly expensive when it needs replacing. C’est la vie…

Call me crazy, but for a long while I’ve had the urge to set up a system dedicated to spinning silver discs. Having secured the transport, sticking with Scarlatti seems the obvious choice. There are a couple of listings on eBay right now - one for a DAC, the other for a DAC, upsampler and clock. I’m inclined to go for the latter, but before I do, I thought I’d just post here to see if anyone has any other ideas. Or perhaps someone here has a Scarlatti DAC they’re looking to move on?

Ideas/advice welcome… but please don’t tell me I’ve made a mistake with my first foray into the dCS universe :frowning:.



@manisandher totally share ur emotion.

I bought a Rossini Transport this year (along with Rossini Apex dac) after a lot of debate between my heart and brain.

So far very happy. My primary digital source is now the Rossini Transport.


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Hi Sourav, thanks for sharing. Its good to know that others are using disc transports as their primary digital sources.