Is there anyone here who switched from their Linn to dCS?

Is there anyone who compared dCS Bartok with Linn? In particular, the experience of comparing with Linn Klimax Katalyst DSM is interesting.
I would like to hear the impressions than you liked the dCS more. Or vice versa. Is it correct to ask such a question here?

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Up until this past year I ran a Naim 500 system fronted by a fully maxed LP12 and Linn Klimax DS/1 purchased in 2011. I have owned (and still own) the KDS for 10 years and it has had the /2 and /3 updates performed as they became available.

As I also do extensive headphone listening I decided to treat myself to a Bartok w/HA and had planned to use it exclusively in my headphone listening room. I decided to do an extensive comparison between the Bartok (bypassing its internal headphone amplifier) vs. my Linn KDS/3 - both fronted by a HeadAmp GSX MK2 amplifier powering Focal Utopia headphones (Focal used the HeadAmp amp during Utopia development).

At the end of my comparison I found the Bartok to be 92-95% of what the Linn KDS/3 was - at almost half the price. Based upon that curiosity got the better of me and I started to wonder what the Rossini sounded like. End of story is for the past year a Rossini/Clock has replaced my Linn KDS/3 in my Naim 500 system and the Linn now resides full time in the headphone only system.

This past year there have been MANY Naim owners who have moved out of Naim ND555’s and Linn KDS’s and into dCS (primarily Rossini) products.

There is another dCS forum member who has extensive experience with the Linn KDSM vs. Rossini and his Rossini now fronts his system while the Linn has been moved on.

Hope that helps - and YMMV