Is there a Mosaic App for Windows?

I have a Windows Surface Pro 1, that has limited Ram and storage I tried last night to load a Android emulator and then Mosaic, took 2 hours but I got it installed. now Mosaic looks for my Bartok and cannot find it.
so was wondering if there was a windows version so I could eliminate the BluStream emulator and perhaps increase available Ram for the program to work correctly, or is it time to buy an Ipad?
Mosaic does run great on my iPhone but I have to put my glasses on to use.

Mosaic is only available for iOS and Android. We currently have no plans to port to Windows or MacOS.

Can I add my support to a windows version. Don’t use apple but have a MS Surface



Bearing in mind Andrew’s comment from a few months ago I doubt that a Windows version is likely. The next iteration of the Mosaic software will surely take priority and that has been awaited for many months

However as there are cheap Android tablets available new then why not buy one to use for Mosaic ? Or do as I did and buy a compatible refurbished tablet for the same purpose? The cost of these devices is low compared to the price of dCS hardware.

Hi I tried an IOS emulater on my surface pro and installed mosaic on it the main screen will pop up but it never sees my Bartok. Anyone ever had any luck with this setup?
Thanks mike

You need an iOS emulator that supports a ‘bridge’ network mode. Normally the emulator will create it’s own private netowork for the emulated device to run on, which is why it can’t see your Bartok. The bridge mode will allow it to see the rest of your network.

thanks for the reply, do you know of an IOS emulator that supports Bridge network mode. a basic google search shows lots of emulators but none mention a Bridge network mode, by that name that i can see.
(probably easier to get an IOS device)


NoxPlayer works on both MacOS and Windows. I’ve only personally tried the MacOS version, Android version of dCS Mosaic installs and runs quite nicely. It actually runs on a VirtualBox Virtual Machine (VM).

The only tweak necessary to get Mosaic to work properly with your dCS components on the network is to reconfigure the VM’s Network Adapter 2 to “Bridge mode” before running NoxPlayer.


I’m using Genymotion, which is another Android emulator on Windows. It was a bit of a pain to get it working though because it doesn’t natively support ARM-only apps, which Mosaic is. If you can get Anup’s emulator working easily that’s probably the way to go.