Is it a problem to use 2 1-meter and 2 1.5-meter BNC cables with Vivaldi Clock?

For aesthetic reasons, I’d prefer to arrange a Vivaldi DAC between Vivaldi Master Clock and Vivaldi Upsampler. (“Aesthetic” because the DAC is 6.0" high, and other 2 are 5.0" high; thus, a symmetric arrangement.) That is, on the table I’d use, from left to right:

   Upsampler – DAC – Master Clock

To save a bit of money, I’d like to use 2 1-meter BNC 75-ohm cables to connect Clock and DAC and 2 1.5-meter BNC 75-ohm cables to connect Clock and Upsampler.

But … Is it a bad idea to use cables of varying length with the Clock?

Not really especially given ( in transmission terms ) such short lenghts.

There is an argument about optimum minimum cable lengths for digital transmission and there is a thread about this in the archives if you can find it. However a 50cm difference should not cause any significant audible effect.

That 0.5m difference however makes me wonder about its significance aesthetically ( which seems to be your overall concern about the placement of the pieces). The cables would normally be hidden behind the components so why not just use 1.5m throughout? That also may have a potential theoretical advantage in regard to signal reflection due to attenuation within the cable but , repeat, theoretical. Otherwise it is probably only relevant for those with chronic Audio Nervosa.

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As I said in my initial post, I’m trying to save a bit of money by having only 2 1.5-meter cables rather than 4. But I very much do not want to take a chance of degrading the ultimate sound. The alternative arrangement, of course, is to put the Clock between the DAC and Upsampler: Then 1-meter cables from the Clock to the other two boxes would suffice.

If it is about cost and saving money then the significance is dependent upon the price of the cables which, in our hobby, can vary enormously. In my case given the wordclock cables that I currently use the difference between 1m and 1.5m is under £2. With your choice it may be hundreds or even thousands of £/$/€. It is difficult to try to understand audiophile cable prices without a fair amount of scepticism entering the picture :smile:.

Anyway I cannot see any practical reason why your idea would not work. Let us know how you get on.