Is Airplay 1 on Bartók, compatible with Airplay 2 on iPad?

I apologise if I’m being a bit thick here, but I’m trying to Airplay my iPad to my Bartók, with zero luck.
I understand that dCS products are Airplay 1.
Is it the case that Airplay 2 devices are perhaps not compatible with Airplay 1 products?

I am trying to send music from the Spotify app (Free Version) on my iPad, to the Bartók. But the only device that shows available for Spotify playback, is the iPad?

The Spotify app on the iPad shows the Bartók as a device for playback, but it’s only for ‘Premium’, and is greyed out.

Hi David, I don’t believe it’s an Airplay compatibility issue - I don’t use Spotify but I use other services (e.g. Radio Paradise app) where Airplay works fine. I’ve got an IPAD Pro 2019 with the latest IOS so I’m assuming that means I’m using Airplay 2, although I can’t find anything in settings to confirm.



Thanks Mike
I have read the Bartók manual, re Airplay. But I’m assuming that I don’t have to Enable Airplay in settings somehow?

Edit: I have just downloaded the Radio Paradise App on my iPad Air. It is playing on the iPad as we speak.
However, when I click on the Airplay Icon, the only device listed for playback is the iPad. How strange?

My Bartok works fine with Airplay 2 without any extra configuration. I think devices running iOS 11.4 or higher are Airplay 2 by default.

I have just tried it with the radio paradise app and it is fine.

Could it be a network issue?

As far as I am aware, my network is ok. 36mbps.
Roon rock solid most of the time.

Would you believe it…Turned the iPad off for two mins, then back on…Bingo! Full list of devices including the Bartók.

Thanks :+1:

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