IR codes for Rossini

I have been looking at the dCS document on the remote codes and found that only a subset of the functions of the Rossini are available as IR codes. For example switching the output level between 6 and 2 Volts is not available.
Is there a more extensive list anywhere. It would me handy to have some of the functions directly on the remote and not having to go through Mosaic.

Afaik the output voltage is set within the settings menu. I’m not sure if navigating there using an IR remote control was ever a possibility. It is not something I would imagine doing from a distance or have a need to do very often. Once it is set for the gain of your system you tend to leave it there I think?

Thanks @August
My usecase is somewhat special.
My Rossini is connected to several amps via an XLR switchbox.
The Poweramp Monoblocks take 6V
The Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp takes 0.6V
So I need to change the output Voltage when I switch from listening through speakers to listening through headphones. No disaster to do this via Mosaic, but I thought there might be an easter egg somewhere.

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Maybe try the dCS Remote Control Codes documentation;

[Edit: Scratch that, you meant IR)

Thanks, @Anupc
That’s the document I had consulted, the IR codes are in there as well. So it looks like there are no ‘deepdive’ codes.
I have now added the Vol+, Vol- and Input Switch codes to my universal remote. All good for the time being.
What is strange is that there is no code listed for power on and off.

Have you checked that codes do not exist for “sleep” instead? Full power off is only available from the physical switch on the rear panel of course.

I did indeed mean the code for sleep toggle, which is not listed for Rossini DAC, only for Rossini Player.
In the meantime I have learned the code for sleep toggle from my Logitech Harmony 950 (where it exists in the dCS profile) and it came out as device code 20, OBC 12 (in JP1 terms). Inputting this into RMIR worked like a breeze.
In the dCS documentation the sleep toggle code for Rossini Player is listed as device code 20, RC5 code 0C, which is in agreement with the learned code.