IOS DCS Bartok App and VoiceOver?

I’ve been using DCS Bartok for several months and I’m happy with its sound. Unfortunately, the IOS DCS Bartok application is very difficult to access for the blind. No descriptions of options and functions. With VoiceOverr you cannot distinguish what they are used for because they are all read by VO as "iconinfo |. Is there a chance that the next version of this application will improve something and the options will be described. I care a lot. I can help as much as I can. Regards Robert Tota

Would this be the dCS Mosaic app ? Anyway just a a general consideration I would second your request. I have lost much of my vision over recent years and although voice access is not yet needed by me it would be encouraging to know that it was available.

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For a good understanding. Voice Over is a screenreader built into IOS. Does not allow voice control of applications. It is a program that allows the blind person to read the screen using gestures. Unfortunately, programs must be adapted to VO, e.g. by describing the correct icons and controls. The DCS Mozaic App is a bit friendlier and most DCS Bartok settings can be done using DCS Mozaic. Unfortunately, not all that is why I want DCS Bartok App to be improved. It must be said, however, that DCS Mozaic is more friendly to blind people than Roon Controll.
Regards Roberrt

was my request read by technical support? I have the impression that nobody noticed this thread of technical support. Perhaps the blind users of DCS devices are few or I am the only one. In any case, please add the DCS Bartók App and DCS Mosaic App for IOS to make them more friendly for people who use Voice Over. If necessary, I can record a video showing my difficulties. Or better if someone from technical support:

  1. will run, for example, DCS Bartók Ap,
  2. launches Voice Over,
    3.turn on the curtain (tapping the screen three times with three fingers),
  3. and then with the curtain turned on it will try to change something in the DCS Bartók App settings.
    I certify that this is a real lottery because the graphics of individual options are identical.
    Regards Robert Tota

Yes, it was. We read everything that is posted here and act accordingly. We don’t always respond (especially with feature requests) if we don’t have any solid information to convey. In this situation it is something that is being actively discussed, but we don’t have any information yet on what our plans are or what we’ll be able to accomplish.

Once we have a plan and development is underway I’ll be reaching out to those who have expressed a need for this functionality (you are not the only one) as we will need some assistance with real-world testing.

Thank you very much for your answer. Now I am sure that my request went to technical support. Of course, every software developer has specific plans and assumptions. If only my request to improve accessibility for blind users DCS Bartok and DCS Mosaic applications will be taken into account then I can serve as a beta tester of these solutions.
Regards Robert Tota from Poland

Thanks @robertt, please trust that this is something that we’re taking very seriously in our future development plans.