IOS DCS Bartok App and VoiceOver?

I’ve been using DCS Bartok for several months and I’m happy with its sound. Unfortunately, the IOS DCS Bartok application is very difficult to access for the blind. No descriptions of options and functions. With VoiceOverr you cannot distinguish what they are used for because they are all read by VO as "iconinfo |. Is there a chance that the next version of this application will improve something and the options will be described. I care a lot. I can help as much as I can. Regards Robert Tota

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Would this be the dCS Mosaic app ? Anyway just a a general consideration I would second your request. I have lost much of my vision over recent years and although voice access is not yet needed by me it would be encouraging to know that it was available.

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For a good understanding. Voice Over is a screenreader built into IOS. Does not allow voice control of applications. It is a program that allows the blind person to read the screen using gestures. Unfortunately, programs must be adapted to VO, e.g. by describing the correct icons and controls. The DCS Mozaic App is a bit friendlier and most DCS Bartok settings can be done using DCS Mozaic. Unfortunately, not all that is why I want DCS Bartok App to be improved. It must be said, however, that DCS Mozaic is more friendly to blind people than Roon Controll.
Regards Roberrt

was my request read by technical support? I have the impression that nobody noticed this thread of technical support. Perhaps the blind users of DCS devices are few or I am the only one. In any case, please add the DCS Bartók App and DCS Mosaic App for IOS to make them more friendly for people who use Voice Over. If necessary, I can record a video showing my difficulties. Or better if someone from technical support:

  1. will run, for example, DCS Bartók Ap,
  2. launches Voice Over,
    3.turn on the curtain (tapping the screen three times with three fingers),
  3. and then with the curtain turned on it will try to change something in the DCS Bartók App settings.
    I certify that this is a real lottery because the graphics of individual options are identical.
    Regards Robert Tota

Yes, it was. We read everything that is posted here and act accordingly. We don’t always respond (especially with feature requests) if we don’t have any solid information to convey. In this situation it is something that is being actively discussed, but we don’t have any information yet on what our plans are or what we’ll be able to accomplish.

Once we have a plan and development is underway I’ll be reaching out to those who have expressed a need for this functionality (you are not the only one) as we will need some assistance with real-world testing.

Thank you very much for your answer. Now I am sure that my request went to technical support. Of course, every software developer has specific plans and assumptions. If only my request to improve accessibility for blind users DCS Bartok and DCS Mosaic applications will be taken into account then I can serve as a beta tester of these solutions.
Regards Robert Tota from Poland

Thanks @robertt, please trust that this is something that we’re taking very seriously in our future development plans.

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Hopefully taking the needs of the visually impaired seriously in future app development plans for both the DCS Bartók App and the DCS Mosaic App will continue to include app availability. Now it’s harder for me to believe in it because the DCS Mosaic application in the latest version 1.1.1 is less accessible and blind friendly than the previous version 1.1.0.
Regards Robert Tota

I am fully supportive of Mosaic becoming more blind user friendly. I have, as Churchill said " A dog in the fight" having vision difficulties myself. However this was not a major reworking of Mosaic which would probably be necessary to implement the features in this respect that we would like. This revision only has the lowest change to version number - 1.1.0 to 1.1.1. which indicates it as primarily a bug fixing exercise . A full reworking of the app would be v.2.0.0.

Of course a year’s wait for a bug fix which apparently hasn’t fixed three of the major existing bugs ; replay of .dsf files with random access to tracks ( Bartok) , arbitrary erasure of playlists and Bartok switching itself on at random is unimpressive IMO given dCS’ reputation. However to be fair 2020 was a difficult year for everyone so I hope that 2021 allows for a swifter introduction of v.1.1.2 or even v.1.2.0. to deal with these issues , the latter perhaps also addressing some of the more commonly requested additional features.

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It’s really nice what you wrote. I am very happy that, just like me, you see the need for the application to be available for the blind. Yes, 2020 is a year that brought many unexpected situations and had a negative impact on many. I hope that the new versions of the application will be definitely friendlier to people who have problems with everyday use of the DCS application.
Regards Robert

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I have just signed up to this community to see if there is any progress with the issue of the Mosaic app not being accessible with Voiceover.
It looks like it was raised way back in 2019, so I would hope so.
I am a blind person and considering buying a Bartok, but quite frankly I’m not sure I want to spend such a large amount on something I can’t use to it’s full capacity.
DCS is a British Company and by the law of the land all apps and websites are obliged to be made accessible for screenreaders such as Voiceover, JAWS, NVDA etc
So, please dCS, tell me if any progress has been made!

I’m blind user of DCS Mosaic. There is a huge improvement in favor. The IOS app is very well available. I use it on a daily basis. Currently, mainly for listening to music locally with the Minimserver. Other options seem equally available. If the keyboard handling was still improved (there is no feedback on what letter we entered), it could be said that the application is very accessible. I recommend.
Robert Tota


Robert, I hope that the dCS development team read this and are made aware of the lack of keyboard audible feedback problem for blind users. However Mosaic makes no confirmatory sounds via the app it is running on for any action. Is this really a dCS issue or is it one that Apple with VoiceOver should address as I understand that VoiceOver sounds text as it encounters it, why not alphabet/numerals/punctuation with an on screen keyboard?

Otherwise I am pleased that you have found progress to be made.

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Unfortunately, the problem is definitely with DCS Mosaic. The keyboard works fine in other applications. The difficulty concerns entering, for example, the name of the artist you are looking for. You have to type it using the keyboard memory layout - especially the problem is with hardware keyboards. One more advantageous change would be to mark the application interface elements with headers to move around the screen faster. It could also be easier to scroll through the list of search results, for example, when I have 30 artists named kevin.

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Despite these difficulties, working on DCS mosaic with VO is really good and comfortable.

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Robert, thanks for the reassurance, that is good to know, but I would hope the Tech team will come on here and explain what is happening i.e if they are still working on it, or if they have people constantly checking on the accessibility of the app.
There are similar problems with Sonos that I am trying to get addressed such as the Sonos app not working on a Macbook and as you already know about, Roon… it’s crazy in this day and age that developers are so lapse at providing suitable work arounds for these issues.

Just a thought ( it’s probably as dumb as most of my other thoughts), but would it be possible to place an entry in the search field using speech-to-text and Siri?

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Speech to text is a good solution in case it can help, unfortunately, it does not always work as we want. The problem begins when, like me, I am looking for Polish performers and Siri, unfortunately, does not speak Polish.

Has anyone had any luck using Roon with no sight?
I wrote to Roon and they sent me this link, I did take a look, but I’m no computer boffin so didn’t really understand it

I really ought to leave a response to Roon users but I cannot see anything in that linked thread directly relating to unsighted use. Perhaps the layout of the new controller is better suited to use with VoiceOver?

Just to move a little OT, Roon users may find this of interest: