Hyperion Streams

The single most significant absence for classical music fans who use streaming services has been that inventive label Hyperion.

Now that they are part of UMG, the first batch of their recordings have been made available on most streaming platforms from today. The second batch will arrive mid-September, estimating the full catalogue is complete by the spring.

I know what I’ll be listening to then .


This is fantastic news!! thanks for sharing Pete! I see some titles when I search through the Qobuz app. Nothing is showing up yet when I search through Roon, but i will give it a few days…

Yes, the titles were sent out today but no doubt there will be a period whilst they undergo administrative processing etc. by the streaming service before they appear ready for us consumers. Nothing I can find so far on Qobuz UK.

Incidentally I understand that their catalogue of pianists will mostly or entirely be from the September 15th release and thereon at fortnightly intervals.

Lots on Qobuz. Thanks for the mention!

any outstanding records/albums there? I got some Angela Hewitt already…thanks!!

As I am awaiting Qobuz UK to start loading Hyperion I( I tried a few test titles last night ) I don’t know what the first batch may contain. However the press releases indicated that Angela Hewitt, Sir Stephen Hough etc. will start to appear from September 15th.

I suppose I ought to recommend their first “hit” which provided financial means for the label to continue way back when ( 1982); Feather on the Breath of God.

Edit: Qobuz UK is now listing Hyperion . The first 200 albums look like they are there. I note that several recordings from the London Haydn Quarter are listed.These got very good reviews in Gramophone so I am looking forward to hearing them. Incidentally Hyperion say they are adding booklets and song texts where possible, so even better.


That’s a quality label, nice to have on streaming services.

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