HQPlayer Network Audio Adapter (NAA) intergration

Like Roon Ready intergration, HQPlayer NAA endpoint is also a great feature to integrate in to DCS streamer module. At the moment, if we want to use HQPlayer with DCS DAC, USB input is only way to go, but sound quality thru USB depend much on Music Server/PC quality, more cost is needed and more complicated setup to achieve same audio quality in compare with ethernet input. Hope this come true soon.

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You could try the Berkeley Audio USB to AES converter.

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I doubt it would, ever.

  1. HQPlayer upsampling competes against dCS’ own Upsamplers

  2. If you prefer HQP’s upsampling, you could always use it’s integration with Roon/RAAT to dCS. Problem solved.

  3. NAA is a closed proprietary protocol that needs to be licensed (albeit as is Roon RAAT, but they’ve got industry wide support)

So, for those reasons above, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see dCS adopting NAA natively :laughing:


It costs $1895 and I don’t think it is the same level of DCS Ethernet input quality. System is more complicated unneccessary.

  1. Yes. But no problem to DCS company benefit.
  2. I cannot use HQP with Roon/RAAT to DCS DAC without USB input on DCS, so I need other NAA endpoint in front of my DAC → More cost and complicated.
  3. Many other streamer/endpoint already integrate built-in NAA like iFi Zen Stream, STOM, Sonore, … and I don’t this licensed fee is the promblem compare to the advantage/value to DCS.

Good point. That said, there’s no free lunch :grin:

Well it’s one of the best usb → aes converters available. It’s nearly a value product compared to some other brands.

Free launch? It will be sale point to DCS products like they added support for dead MQA format just to make customers happy.

There was significant global customer demand for MQA support, mainly because of Tidal (and Qobuz’s poor global availability, and pre Amazon/Apple etc).

Whereas for HQP NAA, so far it’s seem to be just you :grin:

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You are a DCS customer like me, right? Why don’t you support me to ask DCS to add more benefit to us?
I don’t think HQP NAA demand is low in comparision to Roon Ready.
DCS seem slow to catch up with latest technology recently compare to others (support DSD256/512 …).

Well, as I already have a Vivaldi Upsampler, I don’t need nor want native HQP/NAA support. I’d rather dCS spend their scarce R&D resources on other capabilities. I suspect you’ll find most dCS owners similarly prefer it’s native upsampling/DSD transcoding, rather than HQP any day.

But if you believe there’s a large demand for HQP/NAA support from dCS owners, then by all means please present the evidence here in support of your feature request :slight_smile:


I think dCS views their technology as superior to HQPlayer. It would be cool to have the option though… Personally I’d just buy a high quality usb → aes converter and a high quality AES cable. Even if dCS does implement this it’s unlikely to be anytime soon.

Why we have to buy additional USB to AES while our DAC already had built-in USB port? Adding converter means add more cable @ DCS level (Nordost Ordin, Ansuz DTC/Extreme, …) !!? DCS design already too “cable wasting”.

Integrate NAA in to DCS product is not too much difficult task (I also work in software development area) and I don’t think it affect to DCS R&D performance. (iFi Zen Stream cost 399$ already had built-in NAA)
Vivaldi Upsampler is already very good but HQP has more options (filters). Just depends on personal preference.

Unfortunately neither you nor I can actually know how easy or difficult it is to incorporate NAA into dCS Mosaic firmware stack. Adding it in may seem trivial, but product verification to ensure nothing else breaks, especially with future dCS software upgrades can be a significant cost factor.

So, no, I hope dCS doesn’t add HQP/NAA into Mosaic firmware making it even more complex than it already is.

In any case, you should present market data that suggests there’s dCS owner demand for HQP/NAA. Otherwise, just use the $399 iFi Zen which supports NAA natively and use it’s USB or S/PDIF into the dCS. Problem solved :grin: :+1:t2:

I don’t agree with all the push-back based on hypothetical reasoning.

There are many devices that support HQPlayer NAA. I would very much value this feature.

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Yes, sir! llamabotnet :heart_eyes: