HQ Player and Vivaldi DAC


I have the opportunity to test HQ Player on a decent server running on Windows 2019. My ambition is to test the HQ Player upsampling in front of the Vivaldi Upsampler. This is purely fun and curiosity.
The Server Player is running with Windows Server 2019 as said, and JCAT Netcard Femto and XE USB are integrated. The JCAT XE USB is connected to the Vivaldi DAC with USB cable and the Vivaldi DAC is seen under windows 2019 device manager.
My problem is that i can not see the Vivaldi in the HQ Player settings.

Did somebody succeeded to connect a Vivaldi or Rossini in USB with a machine running HQ Player ? Any recommendations ?


I answer to myself, downloading and installing the good USB Class 2 ASIO drivers helped a lot :slight_smile: I can now enjoy HQ Player tests :hugs: