HP jumpers/Straps

I am interested in your opinion and experience with hp jumper cables or straps (some people say jumper, others talk about straps).

Is it a valuable upgrade changing the original jumpers of your loudspeakers with a jumper cable made by cable manufacturers ?

Generally speaking, yes, but it depends, of course, on the particular circumstances. However many of the jumpers that I have come across are not much better then a simple metal pressing, often plated to give an impression of quality.

I have never come across anyone saying that the supplied jumpers outperformed those made from speaker cable matching the main amp/speaker run or otherwise specially selected.


If you’re talking about how to connect an amplifier to TWO pairs of speaker terminals per channel, then my experience has always been:

Two separate cable runs > one cable run + jumpers of the same cable > one cable run + metal bars often supplied with the speakers

This is a shame, of course, because speaker cables normally aren’t free. Or easy to connect in volume to most amps…

Here’s what the arse end of my amp looks like as a result:

I suspect there are plenty of cases where two runs wouldn’t make a difference (perhaps some crossover configurations?), but the improvements in my system always had me reaching for my credit card.

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A slight diversion, I know, but I spot a pair of Iconoclast speaker cables above. Me too (and I have the interconnects also)! Hello, fellow owner. I wonder how many of us there are on this forum.

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I believe @PaleRider is an Iconoclast user. Me? I don’t use speaker cables.

Yup, same here…