How to stream from Android

Hello all - what is the best way (App?) to stream via Android phones/tablets? We can use Airplay for Apple, but what about those of us with Android devices? Thanks!

Chromecaset is the analogue to airplay on Android, but we aren’t able to implement that with our current hardware. We really tried to make this happen, but Google made a huge change to the hardware requirements about 18 months ago and we weren’t able to get an exception.

What content are you looking to stream that isn’t covered by the inbuilt support for UPnP, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify?

Thanks for the quick response! I’d like to be able to stream YouTube, Bandcamp, etc via Android. Ideal for auditioning music worth paying for at higher resolution elsewhere! There are a number of Play Store Apps that enable this via UPnP and I’d be interested to know what the community recommend as the best one. For example, I got BubbleUPnP working but it’s asking for money to be able to stream anything other than local content and I wondered if it’s worth paying for? All suggestions from other member of the community on Apps that work well are much appreciated!