Historical price lists?

Has anyone compiled a list of the prices of various dCS products over time? I’m not trying to start another long thread about pricing, just curious for historical reasons.

The specific question I’m trying to answer today is what was the last MSRP for the Rossini DAC before the Apex upgrade? But I’m guessing that lots of folks would benefit from having a historical list of pricing for various models, given how long-lived dCS products are!

For which country/region are you looking for specifically?


I was hoping for US prices.

Don’t do that ! You will be scared…Unless you are prepared accepting that aluminium is far more expensive than diamonds… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If not exactly check this nevertheless ( see the price at the time of the introduction of Apex in 2022). There have also been increases in circuit component prices and shipping costs. Further these are raw aluminium costs which is not what dCS are buying from their suppliers but machined and anodised parts.


ir is also worth remembering that the rule of thumb is that a price increase at factory translates into a larger increase when it reaches the customer by the time distributor, dealer margins and tax etc. are calculated.

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I compiled some UK historical prices of Vivaldi a couple of years ago. I noticed today that a new price increase has taken effect. This, below, is what I had recorded just for the DAC. It may not be completely accurate. The price changes generally seem to occur in the summer. Some of the prices I list include the month in which I believe them to apply to, others not, so there is some degree of vagueness. However, with those caveats, here we are (prices in GBP, includes our sales tax ‘VAT’ at 20%):
2014 (Nov) 20,000
2017 (Jan) 21,750
2019 (‘spring’): 23,699
2019-2020: 25,000
2020 (from July): 26,000
2021 (from July): 27,000
2022 (from March): 33,000
2023: 38,500
2024 (today!): 40,500

I believe the Vivaldi Apex upgrade/new model was released in March 2022. At that time the upgrade price in the UK was £6000.

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Eek! Fortunately I bought my Vivaldi in 2017. I am not in the income bracket to countenance the current price.

For information completeness Apex upgrade was £6K in the early months of 2022 but this relates only to the first batch. Subsequently the price was adjusted to £9K which ( I think) was/is the price for all Apex upgrades irrespective of model ( Apex being the same in all cases).

Hello Pete, I can add a little info about the upgrade price: I believe - though I’m not certain - that the UK upgrade price went up to £7,500, but not as high as £9000. Earlier this year it dropped to £6,600. Perhaps they have been running a special offer (although buy-one-get-one-free would have been my preference).

I do agree about income brackets. What you say applies to me too. When/if I consider new equipment it is most likely to be speakers or headphones.

Thanks.I wonder I was thinking of $ not £ :smiling_face: ,