High sensitivity amplifier

I’m using Bartok as preamp connected XLR to D’Agostino Stereo amplifier. If output Bartok is more 0,2 V , digital volume must be higher -30 db ,-40 db. With 0,6 V even higher -40,-50 at the level I like to hear music. I’m loosing something with 0,2 V output? I think so… Before with preamp ( Jeff Rowland Capri) output level was 6 V and volume 00 and I think I’ve got more body on the music…I’m thinking go back to the Preamp, using another one better.

Hi Augusto,

Please take your time to read through this, it might give you the info you are looking for:

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Thank you! I tried again with the Jeff Rowland ( using the Preamp section in my Continuum 500) , with 6 volts output and 00 attenuation in the Bartok, and better sound, or at least better feeling , more body, deeper sound, wider stage, clear focus… similar, but a little bit better then going directly from the Bartok to my amp D,Agostino with 0,2 volts and attenuation between -30 and -10 ( the only possibility to be in this digital volumev attenuation range)

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I changed again… after new test with and with out preamplifier. Now I’m going from the Bartok directly to the D’Agostino amp and I bought -after reading your comments and others- a new Benchmark HPA4. It’s coming and will be at home next week.

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Congrats Augusto, and I look forward to hear how you like it.

Finally arrived the HPA4! and I’m testing now.
After two weeks with Bartok directly to D’Agostino amp with XLR, the sound for me at this first moment is very good, probably better specially at low volume levels. The Bartok’s output is now at 6 v and 00 dB and is not more 0,2 V as before with digital attenuation between -30 and -10 for a reasonable volume. I will test much more but I think this Benchmark will be a very very good investment and is absolutely quiet. The sound is clean and very very similar as the direct connection , the Bartok sound is exactly the same as before , but to my ears is more dense and bold, with more body… My speakers veterans B&W 802D (2010) , XLR cables Transparent Reference and Canare L 4 ES. Ethernet cables Blue Jeans Cat6 unshielded, network switch Cisco CBS110-8T-D, speakers cables Tellurium Black II. Very happy with this acquisition!

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Very good to hear, Augusto, that you are very happy with the HPA4! I have the same experience as you.

I’m so satisfied with the Benchmark HPA4 that I’m thinking now in the AHB2 amplifier. Someone has tried it ? With one unit or two mono bridged better?


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I look forward to hear from your experience.