High End Munich 2023

For those of you interested in all the new gear presented at High End Munich 2023, including dCS, here is a preview photo report to enjoy:


More photo reports will come over the next days, stay tuned.


Stenheim Presents the World Premiere of the Alumine Two.Five at High End Munich - The Absolute Sound

Happy owner of Alumine THREE SE


This is what dCS is going to show:

Experience dCS Vivaldi APEX - Atrium 4.2, F209.

Our incredible system sound will be completed with D’Agostino Momentum amplifiers, Nordost Valhalla 2 cabling, Wilson Audio Alexia V loudspeakers, and racks by Bassocontinuo.

Experience dCS Lina and dCS BartĂłk APEX in Halle 1, Cabin C13.

dCS Lina will also be available with Qobuz in Halle 2, G14.

Experience dCS Rossini APEX with our friends & partners at at Estelon (Atrium 4.2, F216), Constellation (Atrium 3.1, D105), VTL (Atrium 4.1, E113 ), Nordost (Atrium 4.1, E112 ) and Innuos (Atrium 4.1, E125).

All dCS Products will also be available to demo with our wonderful German friends & partners Audio Reference.

From: https://dcsaudio.com/events/highend_munich


No doubt the dCS, Wilson, D’Agostino system will sound wonderful and the Lina system will cover state of the art for the headfi community. I really do wish that dCS would pair the Bartok with more modest components and speakers suitable for more intimate listening spaces.


That really does sound like a rational thing to do.

nice insights :wink:

I hope they are using unshielded Ethernet cables :rofl:


Here is the first very extensive photo report of High End Munich 2023. Enjoy, many (800) photos!


Quite intrigued by these . I really liked the Alumine 2s but ultimately went with the Alumine 3s because of the lack of bass / scale . These new 2.5s could be a real sweet spot and are reasonably priced.

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Apparently dCS at HEM 2023 suffered from the acoustics of the exhibition hall:


Thx for posting these pictures @Ermos.

I find it interesting that dCS chooses solid state (d’ags) w the Wilsons (as it nearly always does), whereas Wilson itself chooses tubes (VTL).

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I disagree that Wilson prefers to show with VTL over a few other manufacturers. Many factors play into those decisions.

No one said anything about preference.

Pictures show Wilsons are driven by VTL Monos (look like MB-450s) in the Wilson room.

At a “no name” event like High End Munich, “probably” not a random choice…

; )

I don’t think Wilson have a room of their own at Munich but instead have a presence in a large number of other manufacturer’s rooms. The VTL room was using Wilson (and dCS), could be that one in the pictures? :slight_smile:

You mean like these rooms at Munich High End?


I don’t understand the point of your comment Jim. Ernos posted this picture. I assume this is the Wilson room. I commented that I thought it interesting they chose to drive w VTL.

Separately, thanks to your pictures, I think I need to hire whoever leads sales at Wilson! Looks like they took over the whole show (!) ; )

The point of my comment was that Wilson Audio displays their speakers with a variety of brands. You had indicated that Wilson chose VTL to display with their speakers. My understanding is the same as James Cook, but I am getting that second hand this year.

Yes, over the years I have seen Wilson driven by VTL at a few audio shows. Also, if I remember correctly Dave Wilson had VTL along with D’Agostino amps in his home listening room. Not sure what Daryl has sitting around.