High End Munich 2022

For those of you interested in all the new gear presented at High End Munich 2022, including dCS, here is an extensive photo report (600 photos!) to enjoy:


pretty awesome

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Thanks for sharing. Amazed how much phono / vinyl gear there is …


I had noticed that too. A lot of turntables and I even saw a Philips PRO12 tape deck that I had 45 years (!!) ago… You almost think dCS has missed something and they should also supply a turntable, ha ha. I may offend some people but I’m glad I don’t have a turntable anymore. In my past life I sold and adjusted hundreds of turntables. What a hassle that was and that they are still sold is because the store keeps seeing the customer come back for a new needle, cartridge, phono preamp, etc., etc. In short, good for the trade, but in terms of ease of use and price quality compared to a streamer no longer of this time. Or…yes, for the real romantic who likes to play an LP in a room that is too dark. Sorry.