Hi-fi and solar energy…

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Would it possible, now or in a near future to power a hifi system only with a solar energy system a person could install on the roof or in the garden of a family house ?

What would be roughly the power required ? And would it be « stable » enough etc…

I am asking the question because, in 3 or in 10 to 15 years, we may have difficulties running big consuming power gear…

So, no hurry getting an answer we have plenty of time :slight_smile:

In this interesting report you can read all about it:


Everything is possible given enough resources … whether it’s practical is another matter. :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t really run anything directly off an inverter and a solar array - you’d always want a battery buffer there so that your Dark side of the Moon wasn’t laid waste by the dark side of a cloud and it would be down to the inverter to be able to provide enough voltage and current to maintain a stable supply.

Of course whether it would SOUND any good doing so would be a different discussion altogether - I’m sure someone will be enterprising and do audiophile solar panels! :smiley:



Covered by part 2 of the above report:


I am in the midst of a house refurbishment. We are connected to a new three phase supply which is primarily in place to power two 27kWh air source heat pumps for heating. One of the three 20A phases is going to be run to a separate consumer unit and then to the listening room using high quality mains cable and terminating in audio grade power sockets. We have 24 solar panels on the roof which will run into the secondary power circuits via an inverter and batteries and (when solar power is available) supply power to the ring and lighting circuits, including the 20A feed to the listening room. When solar power is not available, the power will come from the single phase of the three phase supply. Not quite a pure solar powered system but probably as close as it is possible to get with the unpredictable weather in the UK! I think this makes it almost identical to the system described in Audiophile Style.


If batteries + an inverter sound great, it sounds like a Stromtank is a good purchase in the interim…

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It’s kind of interesting as I wonder if it’s the battery source or the fact the AC was locally created was possible for the sonic improvement.

If the latter, he’s basically confirmed the reason products like the Stromtank and PS Audio Power Regenerators exist.