I live in Mobile Alabama USA. I am Hundreds of miles away from any dealer. I am very serious about moving from my Lampizator and in purchasing aRossini Dac and word clock. Could anyone in the community recommend someone to work with that they have experience with.
Thanks in Advance

Hi Mike and welcome.

Firstly how have you checked on dealers? The current dealer list on the new dCS website is unreliable to put it mildly. This needs attention urgently if dCS are not to lose sales as dealers are not showing on " Find a Dealer", only distributors ( even with “Dealers” selected). @MrLuna and Rav Bawa please note.

How have you become serious about moving from your Lampizator to Rossini? To me that requires serious auditioning (preferably in your own system) and not just reading reviews, especially as a tube analogue output is so different from a transistor one ( and all of the dCS models have two distinct outputs, balanced and single ended that are not identical circuits). I am assuming that you must have heard one somewhere?

I look forward to seeing any responses from members from the southern USA states which may help you directly but I think that you may find it necessary to undertake a bit of travel. After all $26K is not chump change. Well to me anyway.

thanks Pete—— the closest dealer is 6 hours away and not very responsive. after the main site had little in the way of somewhere close i have done several google searches as well with poor results.

I have spent many hours listening to the Rossini owned by new friend in our group who obtained one before transferring from the continent. i was impressed by the immediacy and clearness it added to vocals, which is almost all i listen to. i have been on this search thru ps audio, schiit, mytek and a chord Dave before trying the Lampizator big 7. none sounded anything like that dac.

I am an older guy, and i do not travel much anymore unless forced to. i hope someone will reach out to me about reputable dealers.

I also have enjoyed your posts, and hope to use that expertise when I finally obtain one


That’s me too! I hope that someone at dCS will pick up on the currently poor website dealer information ( hence why I tagged Jesse Lunar). I am also sure that they would be pleased to learn ( in confidence) which of their dealers is “not very responsive”. I hope dCS will PM you.

Welcome to the forum. You should email either John Quick or Jesse Luna at dCS America. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable gentleman. They will get you set up.


PS just had a look - the phone number is on the website


Thank will be my first task for tomorrow. Thank you for the names as well.


Not sure if allowed to plug a dealer, but I’ve been elated with support and interactions with JS Audio out of Bethesda MD…bought a Vivaldi stack, Wilson Sasha DAWs, and a slew of cables from them.

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I know I am a foreigner but isn’t MD some little way from AL? :thinking:

Still, pleased that you have had such a good service from JS Audio. On forums like this all I normally get to read are complaints.

Ha! Pete, when we moved from London to the US we realised after a year or so that our concept of distance had been recalibrated. (Reminds me of that “In Europe 100 miles is a long way, and in the US 100 years is a long time,” saying, or whatever it was :slight_smile: )

I’ll now drive silly distances to do minor things. A drive from Mobile to Bethesda mightn’t be so bad when there’s a potential dCS DAC at the end of it. And there’ll be things to see along the way if Mike has the time.

That said, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t someone to recommend in Atlanta, or northern Florida.

We are just taking a bit of time to adjust to paved roads :grin:

I HAVE FOUND IN MY DOTAGE THAT a trip to my local farm-fresh restaurant is the furtherest I am interested in traveling–and in the deep south, there are still a lot of dirt roads :wink:

They also accept bitcoin for payment.

Yep, it is a far piece away…not sure if dCS has inviolate sales boundaries in the States; I did buy a dCS component from a dealer out in SF a few years ago though.

Interesting story - the guys at JS Audio bought the very first pair of speakers Darryl Wilson made, the Wilson Wamm SN#001. They are at the factory being refurbished, and I’m planning a road trip up to hear them when they return…I will leave check book, credit cards, and small change at home…

I envy you. They would be very interesting to hear. I remember correctly they are basically an electrostatic mid panel ( either Quad ESL 57 or Janszen) with treble and bass extenders.

Here is a photo. The story goes:

Daryl was an accomplished recording engineer, and never was happy with the quality of the sound when he mixed recordings he’d accomplished. So he built a pair of speakers in his home, liked them, took them to a couple of shows, and got orders for more. So the story goes…

The guys at JS Audio made a 5 hr drive to my home with Wilson Sasha DAWs and a Vivaldi stack and spent many hours here fine tuning placement and settings for the new gear. It was a fun evening, and I am so thrilled with my rig…not one single thing left to improve. I never have to crawl behind the rack again - a milestone for me.

I’ll second JS Audio in Bethesda, MD. Bought my Bartok and Wilson speakers from owner Steve. I’m in Sarasota, FL. Great, honest folks to deal with.

I worked with Ed at Hi Fi Buys in Atlanta ( Buckhead).
Did my order via phone and email. I bought the dCS Rossini and Rossini Clock.
The set up was done by Chris who is very knowledgeable about dCS ( has been to the factory in UK).
I suggest you with a phone call : 770-931-0606 and ask to speak to Ed.
There is a fair chance that they/Chris would deliver your products to Mobile, AL.
Best Regards,

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You begin with…

Thanks Rit