Help on Bartok balanced output configuration

I have been reading through the manual but could not find a definitive answer on the configuration of Pin 1 for XLR outputs.
The manual says Pin 1 is Ground, I am wondering whether it is “Audio Ground” or Pin 1 is connected to Chassis as described in AES48 standards?

Thanks for the clarification in advance!

PS - Attaching the screen-shot of manual for reference

Hi @syracuze,

Sorry you couldnt find confirmation in the manual!

‘Audio ground’, is connected to ‘Chassis ground’ internally. You will find continuity between them both.

Hope this answers your question!

Thanks @Bashcroft!

Just to confirm; this means that, best way to connect Bartok directly to a power amplifier through XLR balanced connection would be;

  • Pin 1 of XLR cable should be connected to the shield of the cable
  • On the power amplifier, that Pin1 should be connected to chassis ground + protective earth
    Is it correct?

(I assume Bartok chassis ground is also directly connected to Protective Earth as well)
Thanks again

I think that Ben has told you all that dCS can. He has told you how the XLR output connections have been made on the Bartok i.e. as per current AES 48 standard. What none of us knows is how the XLR input on your unspecified amp has been wired. Do they match? Who knows. You now need to contact the amplifier manufacturer if this information is not specified in their user manual. Older amps may differ from current standards and even recent Japanese amps may reverse the signal connections of pins 2 and 3 making pin 3 + and 2 -. Of course all dCS DACs have a phase ( polarity) invert option making this latter point irrelevant for those that can hear the difference.

Hi Syracuse,

To answer your questions - yes, yes and yes :+1:

What Pete has said is also true. Make sure to check how the input stage of your amp is wired. I have personally not seen any of the balanced reversed pins as mentioned, but they are definitely out there.