Hello dCS - an important suggestion for Mosaic?

@Phil @James

I recently upgraded the board in my secondary streamer, a Linn Klimax DS, to Organik specification. There is a setting in the Linn app which I would like to recommend to dCS for study and incorporation into a future version of Mosaic.

Many on this forum, including dCS themselves at the factory and hifi shows, run their units directly into an amplifier and eschew the use of a preamp. This allows for “accidents” to happen. Examples:

  1. someone forgets to set the output of their dCS unit to 2V and it remains on 6V with the volume setting in Mosaic at a high level. Boom go the speakers
  2. someone accidentally has the volume level in Mosaic at 0db and hits play. Boom go the speakers.

The Linn app has the ability for a user to set:

a startup volume in dB

a maximum volume in dB

This seems like a nice fail safe feature which can prevent future accidents from occurring.

Food for thought?



Hi Gregg,

Thanks for that - I’ll definitely float it to the software guys as a suggestion.




couldn’t agree more. I now use my dCS direct to my amp exclusively. While I use Roon, I prefer to control the volume in Mosaic (as a slide over in iOS). It is very easy to accidentally crank the volume by clicking or swiping the wrong way