Headphone Guru review Bartók Apex

Published today:

People pay similar prices for a luxury Swiss watch. Bartók APEX is a musical instrument constructed by hand by artisan engineers in Cambridge, England. Constructed with the finest parts, the Bartók APEX will pay for itself with exceptional reproduction. Headphone Enthusiasts can pick the best headphones and recreate a live experience with a product that never fails to amaze me.


Maybe this will push me over the edge to upgrade to APEX. Just in time for my birthday.


headphones can provide a good experience but still not even compare with a proper pair of speakers.
I have the Bartók Apex but without the amp, for headphones i use the Mojo 2 and only wen I’m away from home, at home even at night i listen in the speakers and its much nicer.


I have two views on this. Headphones can beat (from a SQ perspective) speaker/amp combinations costing 10x the price, however don’t provide the same experience from a holographic point of view.

I still prefer speakers, but headphones have their place (especially when you have twins sleeping in a room above your study!).


There’s a place for both in my life and I enjoy both. Sometimes I enjoy speakers, sometimes I enjoy the headphone experience, and sometimes using headphones is required given the family.

I also like how different headphones can give you a different experience, and even be optimized for some genres. It’s much harder to swap speakers!

The Mojo 2 is very good, but the Bartok is amazing :grinning:


Yes, if you have the room/situtation for speakers sure. But HP are filling the gap for people who don’t etc


Enjoying Bartók APEX since summer and it is wonderful. Totally worth it!


I bit the bullet and ordered the Bartok APEX upgrade today. Dealer tells me the wait should not be long to ship it in, but he has not confirmed yet. Happy Birthday.


Congratulations times two :wink:
Enjoy your birthday and your birthday gift!

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