HDCD decoding request

I have just purchased your Bartok and am really enjoying it. The amount of options for filters and upsampling is a little overwhelming at first, but a lot of fun after you get the hang of it. One option I would love to see is the ability to decode HDCD CD’s. I have hundreds of these discs (as I’m sure others do too) and I always feel like I’m missing out when I listen to them.
Placing the decoding in the DAC would be easiest for the consumer, as I wouldn’t need to buy a new transport, but it might be more practical to put the decoding in the transport.
Curious as to how many others would be interested in this as well.
Thank you.

I ripped all my CDs and dbpoweramp etc rip HDCD CDs as 44/24.

Can you still buy new HDCD discs?

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Absolutely you can still buy new HDCD CDs. And I have also used dbpoweramp, but with the number of CDs I have, I just don’t see that as a viable option.

If you are located in USA, you can check https://musicshifter.com/.

Well, I don’t have hundreds, and would actually be surprised if many do. But I could very well be wrong. I found ripping mine the best solution, but that’s because I’m network/server-oriented anyway and have ripped thousands of discs, and get no pleasure from spinning them. I know many do.

If you rip HDCDs bit perfect to 16bit/44.1KHz, the rips contain the HDCD encoding intact. You can actually use ffmpeg to decode into 24bit/44.1KHz files by running:

% ffmpeg -i input16.flac -af hdcd output24.flac

The resulting flie is standard PCM.

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Even though the HDCD Patents have expired (Microsoft), I seriously doubt it’s worth dCS’ R&D efforts to implement a dead format.

If you have that many HDCD discs and you don’t want to go down the ripping path, then I think your best option is to hunt for a CD/DVD Player that has HDCD decoding and is able to output the decoded PCM on SPDIF, like the older Oppo models, eg. the BDP-103 which can also be used to rip SACDs. There are plenty on ebay.

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Aren’t we all? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure. Obviously I meant that it is is fully decodable by a standard PCM algorithm, no special bit massaging required unlike HDCD or MQA.

I know. My comment was just a passing joke. [I’m a big “life is digital” guy.]

I really appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions. I will try some of these in the interim. Still hoping that DCS can include this decoding in either transport or dac someday.

Hopefully we’d get DSD256 support first. :grin:

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