Grimm MU1 thoughts?

Does anyone have the MU1 in their system or auditioned it ? Whilst I wait for my Rossini apex player to arrive I have been offered the MU1 by a dealer at a favourable price . Currently I have an old Melco N1A which played nicely with my bartok ( preferred it v Aurender n20) . I don’t really stream over internet rather used the Melco and Aurender as a server . Am quite intrigued by the MU1 - it’s well reviewed and the only downside for me will be having to switch to Roon . But happy to do so it the sound quality of the MU1 is top notch . My path will thus be MU1 - Rossini apex / clock - Ch precision a1.5 power amp - stenheim Alumine 3 speakers . Thanks

I have never tried the Grimm MU1 with dCS equipment, so unfortunately I can’t answer your question directly. I have however heard it at the Grimm room at High End 2022 in Munich. I have always been skeptical of the SQ that Roon offers so imagine my surprise when Guido Tent told me after the sublime demo that he was using Roon. He also said he was aware of some issues that Roon has with timing and that he has taken steps to work around those in the MU1. At any rate, the MU1 is the only Roon streamer I have found so far to sound great without any reservations.
I my setup I also have Alumine THREEs (the new SE version) with Neukomm PA135S monoblocks. I always stream to my Rossini (now APEX) through Ethernet and have found that the best solution. I connect to Ethernet through a Melco S100 and an N1A’s player RJ45 port and I’m very happy with the result.
Having said that I find streaming in this way straight from dCS Mosaic better than via Roon, which would lead me to the conclusion that the dCS Roon Bridge implementation is not as good as the UPnP path. Also streaming from the Melco N1A via USB does not sound as good as via Ethernet and mosaic.
However I have not tried an MU1 through AES.

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Which power supply are you using for your Melco S100 ?

I am using a PSU developed and made by ‘sunny’, former member on this forum

The Sunny is the one on the bottom. The Paul Hynes I use for an Odroid N2 that I use for Volumio

Never seen this power supply before, will do a google search on it.

I have tried a few power supplies on my Melco S100, standard SMPS, Plixir BDC elite, Sbooster and since a short while an Ifi Elite (SMPS), the last one easily beats the other three, and the margin is not small. (offcourse in my system set up)

I’m afraid you won’t find anything on google. Sunny is a hobbyist who does not build these PSU’s commercially. Nothing to do with SUNNY Computer Technology Europe - SUNNY Computer Technology Europe (

On the topic of PSU’s (and realising I’m continuing to take this thread a little OT!), I wanted to add that Paul Hynes has a fantastic reputation for building PSU’s that are the pinnacle of sound quality and I would love one of his units (although I gather there have been several people who’ve said the build time was overly long).

I’ve also heard good things about the iFi Elite (I actually have one driving my Rubicon switch, however have never compared it against anything else, so cannot form an opinion - other than the Rubicon being very good!).

I’ve been very impressed with the Farad Super3 driving the Chord TT2, so that might be another to throw into the ring :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Paul Hynes does not produce any more PSUs. The company went into liquidation in 2021. You would need to look on the second hand market.

I’d heard his Limited company had gone into liquidation, but also read he was continuing to build custom LPSU’s. I didn’t realise this had stopped too. Sad, given his reputation (for high quality LPSU’s)