GoGo Penguin at the Barbican

Anyone by chance at this concert? I am watching it live streaming, and it is quite fine.

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Nope, but golly I’d like to be.

Love GoGo Penguin (hat tip to you), and love the Barbican :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Now there’s a lone voice :grin:

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The architecture, too! Really love that an entire bit of a city can feel so “of a time.”

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I lived by the Barbican while I was at Uni in the mid ‘90s, best years :slight_smile:

Then at least you could get to it easily ( I am in South London and it is not a good journey).

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That’s an enormous part of what I end up enjoying in most big cities. My girlfriend at the time was on Farringdon Rd, so was easy for me, too. Such a good bit of town if it’s not a schlep to get there!

(Dead in the weekend, though maybe that’s changed. Or maybe it fell off a cliff when Anup left :wink: )


No it remains dead at the weekends because the City of London has one of the lowest populations of any city ; only 9, 400 odd. However over half a million work there Mon-Fri ( outside of Covid lockdowns that is!).