Glad I didn’t wait…

I remember two years ago when the pandemic was starting to gain global media traction. I was traveling a lot, and I was also exploring the possibility of significantly improving my speaker system. In between trips in January and February, I managed to demo a lot of equipment. I came back from Tanzania to quarantine and eventual lockdown. But I was able to procure a Vivaldi DAC, Upsampler, and Clock. Then, as now, I and many others wondered if Vivaldi was too long in the tooth to safely choose. I am so glad I listened to my ears and not my doubts. I have had almost two years of blissful musical reproduction with zero regrets. Thank you dCS. Such an amazing experience.


Lovely post, Greg.

I’ve had the opposite experience with Vivaldis. Twice now I’ve paused for — quite honestly! — 15 minutes, and missed out on a sexy second-hand short stack of sculpted deliciousness. Once in Sweden and the second time in Valencia. Still, the rest of the holidays were a success :crazy_face:

Joking aside, along similar lines to you, I’m very happy I got the Bartok when I did. I almost kept looking at other options, but I’m so glad I didn’t. It’s been making lovely tunes for me for a few years now. We’re very lucky. So yes, thanks, Cambridge crew!


Good to hear from you again Greg. Imagine if you’d put off purchasing till now; it’d be not just the lost opportunity cost of your enjoyment, but you’d be be facing a potential 30% (or more) cost increase :sunglasses:

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I would echo that (albeit for a few more years), Although we anticipate a Vivaldi replacement sooner or later frankly I really don’t need one - I am so satisfied with the existing model; how much better could it be? Note I am making a distinction between desire and need. In any case looking at the forecast new price for Rossini I am pretty sure that a new flagship product is almost certainly going to be way beyond my means.Too bad :smiley:.


Wants become needs, and hobbies become obsessions…

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