Gapless Replay of 24/192

Hi Pete, and confirm that playback through mosaic from Tidal is gapless ?

can you buy 24/192 from apple? or is that only for streaming?

Surely in 16/44

Streaming only!

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Re LSO live… does anyone know what the post workflow is? Converted to DXD for balancing and editing? Native DSD is clear they create DSD derivatives from masters supplied by studios but in most cases they don’t specify the master. Wondering if lso live recordings are derived from DXD masters.

I have one or two titles purchased from native DSD that came as both high rated DSD and DXD. They sound identical to me through the Bartok.

According to Native DSD the original recording format was DSD256. Maybe I should change my mind about the viability of adding the format :wink:

Thanks to everyone for responding. We now seem to have established that the 24/192 stream plays with gaps when played via Mosaic but not via other streaming platforms. This is in line with a thread on the same technical shortcoming some time ago. So it remains as an issue. I’ll tag @Phil on this.


Hi Pete,

I’m not at a PC at the moment but where exactly is this being streamed from?



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Thanks Phil. The stream uses the Mosaic option for Qobuz. It should be easy to find as it is a new release from yesterday.

Thanks Pete … and you’re saying that this is something that has come in since the last Mosaic update?



No, I am saying that this is a long standing issue and was the subject of a thread some time ago. Here it is. Please read the entire thread as it becomes clear that it is a Mosaic issue as it progresses.


I am currently playing 24/192kHz Dark Side of the Moon (50th Anniversary Issue) from Qobuz via Mosaic. I am noticing short gaps between the tracks. The gaps are not subtle and sometimes the beginning of the following track is cut off (piano at the beginning of ‘The great gig in the sky’)
This is after the recent Mosaic and Rossini FW update.

This error in the processing of 24 bit / 192kHz material has been around for a long time and was reported by me. The solution was to change the flac format to WAV or AIV or remove the stitched cover (“jpg” file) from the flac file. Of course, these are effective solutions for local files to which we have the rights and we can convert them and remove the covers inserted in them. However, there is no way in the case of streaming, e.g. Qobuz. Apart from the fact that each solution requires time and some knowledge of the software and sometimes the purchase of software to do it. In DCS’s opinion, this issue was not an important or common bug to be prioritized for finding resolution. Maybe that will change now?
Best Regards Robert

I am also seeing the gapless (or lack thereof) issue streaming 24/352.8kHz FLAC from MinimServer on my Synology NAS. Control is via Mosaic. Again, the gap is not subtle.

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Is there a chance to correct this error in the near future? This is becoming more and more bothersome.

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I’m assured it is something that is in the current tranche of items being worked on but I haven’t been given a date for release yet…




At long last !!!
After this update, now it plays gapless on 192, DXD … (using Mosaic and minimserver).
Mosaic 1.4.2 150 and Network Board 1.4.2 (511)


Serving files via MinimServer (latest release).

Is there a difference in behavior - especially gapless playback - if I use JPLAY vs Mosaic?

I just tried both right now and yes there is a difference. Mosaic plays gapless and Jplay don’t !?

I selected ´gapless’ on Jplay…despite of that, it doesn’t play gapless, at least when playing 24/192 flac files on Minimserver(latest version).

Very interesting. Thank you.

There’s been multiple threads about the challenges with 3rd party Control Point Apps for Gapless playback on dCS. The following is a good place to start;