For the argument sake....upsampling

My digital streaming setup - Roon ROCK +Bartók+Naim Uniticore feeding into Naim amps

Just out of curiosity for Roon users - There are a few options in upsampling while replaying plain old 16/44.1 pcm

  1. Totally unmolested in Roon then let Bartok upsamples data to DSD or DXD
  2. Roon upsamples to DXD then Bartok upsamples to DSD
  3. Roon upsamples all the way to DSD128 then Bartok process this DSD stream

Wanna hear what others experienced with this as I’m quite new to Roon

Obviously the 4th and probably least controversial option would be sticking with Mosaic (1.02!)

My current preference is Roon to upsamples to 24/358 then Bartok set upsampling to DSD. Seems to give a more natural presentation

Though Having a short listening with the new Mosaic and network firmware update I’m very impressed

Hello Gordon, it seems you tried a lot of approaches ! I’m quite fine with a Vivaldi Upsampler upsampling to DSD128. For this reason i tried to make the same kind of conversion with Roon Server installed on a Xeon powered PC (32Go RAM and audio-linux onboard). The best sonic result was to let the Vivaldi upsampler managing the upsampling : more natural, fluid, articulated and dynamic.
I don’t know if the Bartok is performing at the same level than upsampler but at least it is my experience.

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