FIP Radio Station

I have finally discovered one of the best radio stations in the world, FIP. Or as they say it themselves: The most eclectic music radio station.

They broadcast from Paris, France, and do so for 50 years. Also available on-line. There is hardly any spoken word, and no ads. Their programme is very diverse, from pop to rock, classic, jazz, groove, electro, world music, reggae and new releases.

On their website you can choose one of their streams, and see what currently is playing.

You can save their streams in Mosaic or Roon. Their main stream is at:

The audio quality of their streams is AAC 192kbps. They also maintain an experimental stream with metadata, at AAC 191kbps. Using this one, you will see what is playing directly in Mosaic or Roon and on the display of your dCS DAC or Upsampler. This latter stream is at:


Thanks Erno. It is included in the radio station menu in Mosaic ( from airable). NB : for those who do not know, as it is a topic that pops up from time to time, you cannot add URLs for radio services to Mosaic. You can save it ( or all or any of the genre feeds) as a favourite.

It also comes in 10 flavours. There is FIP itself , then FIP/Electro/Groove/Jazz/Monde/Nouveautés/Pop/Reggae/ Rock and lastly radiofips (not sure how that differs from FIP).


Being French I know FIP for decades… Indeed, one of the Best!

I suggest the daily “Jazz à FIP” Jazz session starting @19:00.

FIP radio has always been prone to broadcast Jazz and World musics, amongst many other genres.


So that would be 18:00 BST. It will be on in approx 45 mins. I look forward.

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Thanks for the tips on FIPS and I will continue to listen.
I have been listening to Jazz24 for the last few years ( 256k AAC: I love it so much that i’m subscribing a nominal amount each month. This (optional) subscription concept is a new to me but the joys of great Jazz and ‘AD free content’ is my daily start to the day.

I’ve been enjoying it for years, but sometimes forget about it so thanks for the reminder! I also like Radio France Jazz. Eclectic jazz from trad to cutting edge, inc. a good dose of fusion. Their cutting edge is more or less my cutting edge, so retaining an element of melody however free form the music, even if they push it from time to time! Radio Swiss Jazz is also good, but more traditional jazz and blues (and repetitive) compared to the eclecticism of Radio France Jazz

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