Finding the right RS232 cable

I thought that finding a short RS 232 cable to connect a Bartok to the Rossini Clock to allow both to turn on/off at the same time would be easy. But so far i am struggling.

I need a two way 9 pin D-type RS232 connector, female to female, straight through (not null modem)

If anyone has a source, then pls let me know :slight_smile:

Unless you are in NL, I guess this wonโ€™t do you any good. Local internet shop ( first thing that came up when I searched for โ€œdb9 rs232โ€ was a suitable cable, though perhaps a tad long:

Jon, this on Amazon should work;

Thanks for the links. Much appreciated :grinning:.

I didnโ€™t want one quite that long, so I use this one:

Your Cable Store RS232 DB9 9 Pin Serial Port Cable Female / Female (3 feet)

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Ah now if I can get one of those without paying import duties that would be ideal.

Thanks for the link :+1:

If you are in the UK the value of the item and shipping may be below the minimum where Customs will impose either duty or VAT.