Fiber Connections

Hi, i use a cisco 2960 connected to a netgear router by 1m of om2. I then have 10m cat 6 from the cisco i to my streamer. I wish to replace the 10m cat cable with om2 fiber as the
cable has to run under a rug and the fiber cable is a lot thinner.

Is there any benefit in adding another cisco or even a sonore optical module, so the chain would be - netgear - om2 cisco - om2 cisco/sonore - 1m cat 6 to streamer. Or just relocate existing cisco?

While fiber is thinner, it’s also more fragile. There is ribbon-type Ethernet cable and it might be better suited for runs under carpet and rugs.

Edit: can’t believe I forgot to add that some ribbon (or flat) Ethernet cables aren’t rated; it is important that you verify ANSI/TIA certification by the imprint on the jacket. As long as they’re rated at least Cat 5 you should be fine with regard to proper twisting for noise rejection as well as other specs such as impedance, etc.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I had not thought of that, could be worth investigating.

It kind of depends on what else is connected to your Cisco 2960 other than your streamer. If it’s just your streamer, then by all means shift the Cisco and extend the fibre, and use a short Ethernet cable to your Streamer instead.

Fibre is definitely more fragile than an Ethernet cable, but if placed under the carpet well out of the way of footfall, it should perfectly fine :smiley:

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