[FAQ] Can I omit the preamplifier and drive the power amplifiers directly from a dCS DAC?

Yes, in many cases this unveils extra detail. Note that the DAC’s 6V setting may be too high, forcing you to set the DAC’s volume control too low. Vivaldi’s volume control works well down to around -40dB, while the other products start to lose detail with the volume below -26dB. Changing to the 2V setting allows the volume to be raised by 10dB. The acceptable loudness will be different for each system and listener.

The Vivaldi DAC v2.00, the Rossini DAC and the Rossini Player feature two lower output level settings for use when the system sensitivity is very high.

For other products, if you find you have to set the volume too low, we can only suggest that you resort to passive attenuators (not recommended) or a good preamplifier. Please consult your dealer for help.