External power supply for SRS Perf10 clock

I ordered an SRS Perf10 clock with the option for an external dc power supply for my Vivaldi stack.

For those using an SRS Perf10 with an external power supply which power supply are you using ?

Being a Naim Audio gear owner I know how much of a difference an external ps can make.

I’m considering the Plixir Statement BDC, the Sean Jacobs DC3 and the mini DC4.


In case you didn’t remember which mine was…very happy with the Plixir. Runs hot, but works well.

Ben, yes, I remember you mentioning you had the Plixir…thanks.

I’m afraid I haven’t tried the Farad Super3 PSU with an SRS Perf10, but I have with other devices and thought it was very, very good. They now also have the Farad Super10 for those with deeper pockets.


My vote is for Sean Jacobs’ DC4.

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I’m so glad someone started this thread.

My current desired “apex” in the front end is two boxes: Rossini Apex (with DSD256+) plus Vivaldi clock. This is a personal preference, driven largely because I seek a low box count, and I hate spending money for cabling (which I view as massively overpriced, but that’s a different story).

A number of Vivaldi owners on this forum connect their Vivaldi clock to an external reference 10MHz clock like the SRS Perf10, to enhance the performance of the Vivaldi clock, and I’m thankful for learning from their posts. Unfortunately, this further increases cabling, and therefore noise.

Of note: Esoteric has essentially licensed the SRS Perf10 technology and includes it directly inside their reference clock, which thereby obviates the need for two clocks (below), and lists 0.05 ppb (= ±0.00005 ppm) accuracy. This compares to “Better than +/-1ppm when shipped” per the Vivaldi manual, a delta of 20,000x (!) . So…

Product idea for Vivaldi Clock successor: Do the same.


What do you mean by Rossini Apex (with DSD256+)? I thought the Rossini topped out at DSD128.

I poked around the forum and don’t see a reference to this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vince,
Was just stating my “dream” front end. You are correct, that feature, sadly, does not yet (?) exist w Rossini.

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Ahhh! Thanks, I was really starting to doubt myself there for a moment :wink:

I wish I had a Vivaldi clock is the one thought that sprung to mind!