External master clock enhance sound quality on network stream?

I am a Bartok owner and considering adding an external master clock. If I am only listening to network stream (Tidal, files from NAS) is that the internal clock are the best?

My understanding is using an external can help if I have other SPDIF input that can sync the clock(s) on all connected devices. However just on network, there is noting to sync. Except we consider the internal clock is not as good as the external. (Which I hope it will not stay true for dCS product).

If not, how an external clock enhance on network stream?


The network stream is buffered to RAM and that memory is then fed to the DAC based on the DAC’s clock. That RAM could be thought of as equivalent to some external source connected by S/PDIF or AES and thus it benefits from being synced to the DAC’s clock.

The clock used in the Bartók is excellent in its own right, but an external master clock provides a better reference. It’s simply a matter of improved performance rather than any sort of comment on the quality of the DAC’s clock.

Thanks for the answer and it makes me more clear about adding a master clock.