External clock to network switch

I will be Adding an After Dark clock to my EtherRegen; will this affect my Bartok internal clock? Interesting tweak I read on Audiophile Style blog.

Opinions will vary, Bernard — mine is that it won’t even affect the EtherRegen. (I tried with and without.)

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Thanks for your input. Just plugged mine in…

Connect the clock to Bartok and feel if you like the difference. If the clock were to make a difference, it would be more apparent with connecting to Bartok than connecting to EtherGen.

Thx for the suggestion.

I don’t think the clock can be connected to the Bartók. Bartók has 2 wordclock inputs (44.1 and 48khz) while the etheregen is a reference clock (10MHz). The Bartók has no reference clock input like a Vivaldi clock has.


The After Dark 10mHz clock cannot be connected to Bartok, which as Ludovic notes only has word clock inputs. But your After Dark clock could be used as a reference clock for any word clock you did supply to Bartok. However, its design is not likely to contribute significantly to improving the performance of the dCS clocks for reasons that have been articulated in other threads here. I also concur with Ben. Although one can connect a reference clock to upstream switches like an EtherREGEN (and I have done so in my system just for the fun of it), it appears to have zero audible effect on SQ, and there is no sound reason to think it should (as also discussed elsewhere in this community).

Bernard, Please see Ludovic’s comment, he is right. The 10Mhz clock you have chosen can’t be connected directly to Bartok. But if you want to connect it to Bartok, you will need something like Mutec MC-3 between AfterDark and Bartok.

Thanks Greg; I did hook it up and, although not broken in, have noticed 0.0 difference in SQ. Cool looking however!

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Some things are just fun to do. And if you get only that benefit, it can be worthwhile. And if you hear an improvement, well, all the better!

Thanks but it was never my intention to hook the clock up to the Bartok. It was strictly for the EtherRegen.