Expanse for the rest of the range please

I am sure it is already on the list, but I just wanted to add my public support for adding the Expanse headphone cross feed to the rest of the dCS range, well, specifically the Network Bridge, as that is what I own! :wink:. It seems like it would be a great addition for my Stax set up.

Having read the white paper, I get the impression it is all digital, but if it is also accounting for the amplifier stage in some way, that would be interesting to know.


Would love to see this across the range as well!

+1 it’s a lovely implementation.

Would miss it if I were to upgrade from the Bartok:

β€œThat’s a lovely upgrade path you had for me there, dCS β€” would be a shame if because of Expanse something were to happen to it.”


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