Expanse 1 or 2 or off

Is it just me or do others prefer having just cross feed on over expanse 1 or 2. It’s on very rare occasions that I prefer either expanse 1 or 2. Would be good to hear other people experience with these settings. Also I appreciate it’s been gone over in great detail but those that don’t mind repeating their preferred settings for Bartok would also be interesting. Had Bartok almost a year now & have still not nailed favourite settings.

I think it depends on what you’re listening to and the headphones you are using.

I originally preferred Expanse 1 on my SR-X9000’s as I felt the soundstage was as deep as it was wide, but settled on Expanse 2 after a period of time.

Neither setting worked well on another pair of headphones I tried, so your mileage may vary! Ultimately, what matters is your own experience :slight_smile: