Exchange rate arbitrage?

Has anyone here flown from the US to the UK or EU to buy their dCS products?

As someone considering a dCS purchase, the current exchange rates dollar vs pound has me wondering whether it’s worth a flight from the US to London, given the rather yawning gap between paying in US dollars vs. UK pounds (or Euros, for that matter). For example, it looks like a potential US$10k savings to buy a Rossini APEX DAC in pounds vs dollars. Of course, what with the 230v AC power in the UK, maybe it makes more sense to fly to the Eurozone – similar savings there, given current US$ vs Euro exchange rates. The savings would more than pay for the trip!

That leaves the question of import duties, but what I’ve managed to find suggests those would be very low (see this ruling classifying the Logitech Squeezebox for purposes of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule). And there would also be paperwork to get your VAT refund.

Has anyone here already done the homework on this “importation for personal use” scenario?

Before your plans develop too far: the voltage in the EU is the same as the UK — 230V/50Hz.

I’d talk to your local dealer and see what they can do. Importing can be a real pain, and the support you get with a local sale can be invaluable.

If you are going to try a private " grey import" first ensure what your position in the USA in regard to a warranty will be. I have no idea why a trip to the EU instead would provide an advantage in respect of 230v AC . The power in the EU is effectively he same as the UK ( 230v plus or minus 5%, 50Hz). So you will have to get the voltage changed anyway, Check on this too with an accredited dCS dealer in the US before taking the decision.

It is simple to change the 3 x switch before the powersupply inside the Rossini, and would not take more than a few minutes to perform for the store where you buy it from…:+1:

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OK, I’ve decided to purchase Ben’s (non-APEX) Rossini. It started its life as a 230v unit, so it’s almost like I bought it from the UK. But without the trip to London. :slight_smile:

Now if anyone has a lead on a Rossini remote control, let me know!

I can highly recomend to contact Paul at
Weald Audio Classic that is a dCS re-seller he can provide you with the system remote for you to a descent price :+1::muscle:t3:

I can provide you with his e-mail if you PM me :+1: