Ethernet cables, WireWorld Platinum or Nordost Valhalla?

Hi all,

I’m a Nordost costumer using all the cables from the brand. I bought the Qnet and the Qsource that im using with the Nordost blue heaven from the router (Mesh Linksys) to the switch and then to the DAC i use the Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable.

I’m thinking to up-grade buying the Valhalla to connect from the switch to the Dac, Heimdall goes from the router (Mesh Linksys) to the switch and put the blue heaven from the wall to the router (Linksys).

But i heard so much good things about the WireWorld Platinum Ethernet cable and some even say is better than the Valhalla. All the rest of my system is with Valhalla 2 and Odin 1 power cord from the wall and because the synergy’s im tented to buy the Valhalla, but i also can not ignore the price diference between the 2.

I would like to know if anyone have compare this 2 cables and if someone use the WireWorld with the Qnet and if is happy with the results.

I had order the entry level Chroma Ethernet and the WireWorld Sphere HDMI to use on my cinema room. I have to say im truly impress with the build quality of both cables and specially the Ethernet (i think the build quality is if not better at the same level of the Heimdall Ethernet but for almost 1/10 of the price) and out of the box the picture quality of video streaming was amazing.

Thanks all

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Hey Lima,

I don’t have experience with the Valhalla Ethernet cables or Qnet, but I use a full Odin Gold loom and actually a combo of the wireworld Platnum Ethernet and the red colored ones… So in my system I can tell you that it’s a great match to my ears with Nordost.

When I added a Taiko server, I did not like the Valhalla USB cable at all—ended up with a Jorma USB which I love. I also didn’t like the Nordost PC into the Taiko server and used the Jorma there as well.

So I am mostly Nordost guy for my system, but not exclusively. Wireworld makes an excellent product—but if you can, try both the red one and the platinum. In my case, it really depended on the application for which one sounded best.

I had a Heimdall 2 Ethernet running from my router to the Rossini APEX DAC and swapped that with the Wire World Platinum Starlight 8 Twinax I had running from my TV. The change was noticeable IMO in that it offered more detail than the Nordost product. My dealer seems to also be of the opinion that the WW Ethernet cables - specifically the Platinum series are the best cables WW makes and David Saltz strives to excel in that “digital” area. So, in short, I’m keeping the WW Platinum on the dCS and the Heimdall 2 on the TV.

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Late entry but wanted to share with the group. I have tried several high end Ethernet Cables, including the Shunyata Sigma, JCAT, SoTM, AQ Diamond and Siltech Royal Crown ( latest version). I recently took a chance a bought the MIND Ethernet Cable from WAY Cables based in Belgrade, Serbia. This cable was simply outstanding in terms of sound quality. It was great out of the box and improved rapidly with burn in of about 50 hours. The whole experience was great.
Miroslav Popovic, the owner is very prompt with his email responses. They don’t have a US distributor yet. So I had to order the cable directly from him. The cable was built, tested and shipped in a few days (via FedEx International).
My search for a great Ethernet cable has ended. I now have AQ Diamond from router to Innuos Phoenix Net and Moon Audio Silver Dragon from Innuos to Ediscreation FiberBox Extreme. Then the WAY cables MIND ethernet cable from the FiberBox to a Rossini.
I have no personal/financial relationship with WAY cables- this is an honest " what-I -could-hear" opinion.
Happy listening.


I love all the silver cables that utilize a crystalline structure with the goal of reducing grain boundaries. So far, I have tried monocrystal cables from Albedo, Crystal, and Siltech, and I love them all. I have also tried OCC silver and long grain silver. I noticed that the MIND Ethernet cable features single crystal silver solid wires, which likely have similar traits of superior refinement.

Thanks for your feedback!