Essential High End Upgrade

There seem to be a fair number of rumours flying around currently about a Rossini and/or Vivaldi price hike and upgrade. Whatever the truth it cannot possibly be as essential as this which is clearly of such importance that it must be worth buying without further ado:

I am putting my order in …Oh no!!!. It says that it’s sold out :sob:


That is some beautiful product photography.

(Is stacking that on my Bartok allowed? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Great find, I’m surely going to place an order.
I’m already looking for suitable anti-vibration feet to put under the contraption.
The accomplished audioscentophile knows that the olfactory effect can be considerably altered by low frequencies, and that would in turn have a bad influence on the perceived soundstage.
Oh, and of course it will need an expensive power cable.