Esoteric G 03x clock and Bartok

I’m seeing a used G03x clock on the market.
While waiting to put money aside for a dCS clock, could this be a good upgrade? Thanks

Perhaps someone with more tech chops than me can provide a definitive answer. But that clock is a decade old, and I don’t know how you would be able to make sure a used one performs to spec. Further, I don’t know what Bartok’s internal clock spec is, but given its more recent design, and dCS’s discussions elsewhere here, I would be surprised if the Esoteric made a material difference for your playback. Save for Rossini Clock.

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I think Greg’s point about performance is a good one. In a conversation with dCS I was told that clocks (we were talking specifically about Vivaldi) tend to need recalibration after at least 8 years of service. I think I remember that correctly. In which case a s/h 10 year old clock must come
with questions about its performance.


‘ve a G-02x (clocking my K05x) but I’ve not used it with the Bartok mainly because its output while can be set at 44.1 and 48hz, it would still need to set manually everytime there‘s a change of playback resolution. Too troublesome for lazy me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am also saving up for a Rossini clock so during this time, I’ve a local Linger Audio clock designed specifically for the NWB and Bartok doing clocking duties. No idea of its measurements but to my ears, its still better than no clock.

Thanks !
Im similarly lazy and would not change the settings every time I listen.

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