Enhancing the headphone experience: How we developed dCS Expanse

dCS have recently [17th March, 2021] published an article on the thinking behind dCS Expanse and how it was brought to life:


A very interesting read!

The software was tested on a variety of headphones, with beta testers comparing results on over a dozen models… On the image above there are several to be seen. I recognise the Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC and the HifiMan Susvara. What others do you recognise?


Thanks for sharing, good read!

I’ve seen a similar approach by SPL, in their Phonitor line. I had one of those back in 2010 or 11 or so and the effect is definitely noticeable. I wonder how Bartok’s implementation sounds, but my version lacks the headphone amp section as I have a dedicated unit for this purpose.

On the rear row, the rightmost appears to be Audeze LCD, can’t really tell which one from my phone.

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Thanks for posting this Erno.

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I really hope Expanse can be added to other models via firmware update!

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That technical detail of a 300µs delay in the cross-feed is interesting, it wasn’t mentioned in the white paper. :thinking:

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I am late to the discussion.
Could someone kindly explain Expanse and how to use it via M connect?
I have a Bartok HP version and love the SQ. Using Focal Utopia headphones.
Many thanks in advance

I think the short answer is “use Mosaic.”