Dynamics issue : trying to find lost slam

Hello ! I’m newcomer to DCS community and owner of Bartok. It landed around three weeks for now and during this period have found interesting thing. As previous owner of chord TT2 I used it to see films and PS4 gaming also. With Bartok i feel slightly dynamics loss during this process : the explosions doesn’t have slam and are like one low frequency sound. Maybe Bartok is not for this or OPTIC input has limitations. Maybe someone have the same experience ?

Dmitry you also told us a few days ago that you had now changed from a pair of ATC 19 litre speakers to a small pair of Falcon BBC type mini monitors ( I am guessing LS3/5A). You will not experience bass " slam" with these.

Thank you for reply. I had rather good results with LS 3/5a (Falcon) they are smart ) The only one component has changed since that time and it was DAC (Chord TT2 >> Bartok) Which speakers can you suggest as Bartok’s companion for small room 5.5m x 3.5m ?

Hi Dmitriy. Have you considered adding a subwoofer?

I have one - REL T5
My candidate list is :

Vivid S12 Kaya
ATC scm 20 psl \ asl
pmc 5.22 \ 5.23

I haven’t heard the REL T5. The only REL I had and loved was a Storm Mk 1, many years ago. So the T5 married to your front end it is not providing the slam you want and had with the Chord?

If I’m not mistaken, the Chord TT2 has a maximum output voltage close to 6V (and can’t be changed). Whereas your Bartok is likely on its default of 2V. Try changing the Bartok to 6V and you might get your “slam” back.

Note though, your ATC P2 has a sensitivity of 2V, which means your Chord was likely causing some level of distortion when the volume was turned up. So, is it “slam” you’re missing, or distortion? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As small rooms go that isn’t all that small ( especially to those of us living in London apartments :slightly_frowning_face:). So within reason it really depends upon how much of your room you wish to devote to the audio system. Fair sized speakers with -6dB points in the 30 -40 Hz region will probably work if you can give them enough space. For example my ATC 50ASLs would likely be OK given their bass configuration. They are ( as the name suggests) 50 litre internal.

Incidentally I didn’t know that you have a subwoofer which obviously affects my comment on slam from LS3/5As.

BTW I do not know if this affects you but I do not approve of using subwoofers in apartments. The very low frequencies will simply travel through the building structure and annoy neighbours. I tried a REL back in time with my Quad ESL 63s. I didn’t hear much additional bass. Where was it? Later that day I went upstairs to change a setting on my central heating boiler. Opening the door to the cupboard which houses it , I then found the bass which was almost shaking the boiler! The rest no doubt was “amusing” my neighbour downstairs.

On the whole high end systems intended for music replay are not so great for movie explosions. In fact Richard E. Lord ( the founder of REL) specifically designed his first product for music use as the early subwoofers of the time from other manufacturers were specifically made for home theatre use and tended to boom and sound unnatural when used for music. These days you will find that some subwoofers have switchable music or movie responses. Of course home theatre processors nowadays often have quite sophisticated EQ facilities which I guess can achieve similar results.

You also need to take into consideration your movie source which will affect the outcome. Unlike some brands dCS do not “voice” their products in any way. They simply reproduce what they are being fed with as accurately as is feasible.

NB: the input acceptance parameter of the dCS optical input is set narrowly in order to provide the best (lowest jitter) music experience. Hence some TV brands with shall we say, low expectations in their audio output specification, are not suitable for use with dCS DACs. LG and some Samsung sets are unfortunately in this category according to the reports we have seen here.

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Thanks, good point to work with output voltage settings ! I’ll Try and let you know. Can’t agree that i heard distortion because it brings realism to music and effects, but who knows, need to make some experiments )