Dual AES not in STEREO but MONO

Recently, I bought a Rossini Player APEX to replace Chord Hugo TT2, and it sounds great, however I found something unusual when I using Dual AES from Network Bridge to Rossini. The Stereo phase is not correct, likely a phasey Mono.

I replaced the AES cables, changed the software from Roon to Mosaic, but do not solve the issue.

AES1, and all other inputs are perfectly right, what did I do wrong on setting ?

I chose the Dual AES Sample Rate at 88.2K and Dual AES ON in Rossini.

Solved … just realised “Dual AES mode is automatically selected if the file rate is equal to or higher the rate set in the app’s Configuration > Dual AES Sample Rate section. At lower rates, both AES outputs will carry the same single AES data.”

I set the Dual AES to AUTO, and it fixed … Now I understand why there are Dual AES ON, OFF and AUTO …