DSD Pass Through on Vivaldi - Rossini equivalent?

A friend of mine just bought a Vivaldi Stack a short while ago (lucky him).
His Vivaldi Upsampler has a DSD Pass Through setting, which he finds sounds very good when set to on.
Is there an equivalent setting on my Rossini? I could not find anything similar.

No, as far as I can see from the latest user manual the Rossini does not have a DSD pass through option.

The DSD pass through setting on the Vivaldi Upsampler is presumably there given the greater range of upsampling options available which are not catered for in the Rossini. What it does is to pass native DSD unchanged to the DAC irrespective of the output resolution set in the upsampler i.e. there is no upsampling.

DSD pass through is provided on the Vivaldi Upsampler as there are situations in which it can be configured to do something undesirable (like attempt to convert DSD to PCM). The sole purpose of the setting is to pass DSD data through the device without any modification.

This is the default behavior in Rossini and Bartok. DSD bitstreams are not subjected to any upsampling / oversampling stage and are instead passed straight through to the DAC for processing.


Thanks guys
I am relieved, no need to upgrade to Vivaldi quite yet