Double bass - Let’s have some double bass - Playlist

If you like “Double bass” here are first:

25 Tracks - 02h 00m 46s


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Kham Meslien, 2022, Fantômes…Futurs.

Only one album, it is a french bassist, on this album it is only double bass with some percussions, sometimes.

Great first album :wink:

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In case you’ve not already heard it, you may be interested in this recording of the Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio.

I think it’s an incredible album. A highly accomplished performance, especially as it’s a live recording.

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I also have this album in my library;

OK, better late than never. Three albums all with amazing bass playing ( jazz or classical) and wonderful sound:


Try “Splanky” with three ( count 'em) of the greatest bassists of all time; McBride, Ray Brown and Milt Hinton

It’s called “Wood” if you can’t see it.

Rick Stotijn

A newish release from BIS. Great playing and music ( Vivaldi, Bottesini etc).

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