Dogs and dCS DACs

Strange one but wondered if anyone elses dog is freaked out by their dCS DAC? He gets very nervous as soon as I switch it on and starts pacing the room trying to get out. I think it is caused by the loud white noise bursts that seem to happen on changing input sometimes. Not sure if it is the DAC input change that causes the white noise or the HDMI matrix or TOSLINK switcher. The dCS certainly seems a lot more objectionable to him that the previous DAC which is puzzling.

Not sure what to do about it. Perhaps dCS could implement a dog friendly mode? :joy:

Are you playing any DSD by any chance?

No DSD. Just watching tv just now and changing from YouTube to live tv or airplay gives a loud white noise burst. I assume it’s on sample rate change.

Interesting. I only use the ethernet and toslink inputs, and I never hear any noise bursts.

dCS does not mean Dog Chaffing Systems, so something must be wrong with the combination of your HDMI matrix or TOSLINK switcher indeed.

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I wonder. I have had a faulty dCS component that emitted a high frequency electromechanical whine when operational which could easily be overlooked (depending on the circumstances) by someone in a larger room or when masked by music. In fact it ultimately sent me nuts so I had to have the item replaced under warranty.Perhaps something along those lines is causing the dog a problem?

Possibly. He seems to be quite agitated but I suspect it is the loud white noise bursts that he hates and is concerned about happening again. How did you identify the whine? Presumably a spectrum analyser would identify it?

I always wondered what DCS stood for.

:grinning: Data Conversion Systems

It was audible whenever I walked within a metre or two of the item and there was no music playing.

I prefer “digital Canine Scarer”.

Only whine here is from the dog. It is something to do with the TV I think so unfair to blame dCS.

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This has been an amusing thread. My own dogs absolutely love the stereo. They pay attention to it, and generally love the music.

I have noticed he is more interested/startled by better quality stereos. Perhaps your taste in music is more to dogs liking than mine?

Latest development is “Alexa” has become a trigger word for him to go into a panic and try to run away. I use Alexa to change TV inputs and he now associates “Alexa” with loud bursts of white noise. Poor thing.:pensive:

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