Does anyone prefer a non Apex Dcs Rossini than the Apex version one?

As above does anyone prefer a non Apex Dcs Rossini than the Apex version one?

If so why do you prefer the non Apex version?

No Rossini, but: My wallet prefers the non Apex Vivaldi and I have been happy not to try an Apex because of the high cost of the upgrade which is essentially an upgraded DAC board. I do believe it’s postponing the inevitable, but have some other things on my wishlist before I will consider it.

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no :slight_smile:
really not…

I was very happy with my Rossini…

I then elected to go for the Apex upgrade…

The uplift in SQ is such that there is no turning back for me.

I suspect that would be the case for anyone else who has the Apex version…

Perhaps I am the weird one as I recall vividly I wasn’t sold about APEX when the dealer AB an APEX Vivaldi vs a non-APEX on a full FM acoustic setup when it first launch.

August, I believe the price has come down a little - in the UK it is still 10% more than the launch price of the upgrade, but also significantly less than it had climbed to about a year ago. I don’t know if this price reduction also applies in other countries.

The difference between apex and no apex is rather clear to hear.
I doubt anyone would pick a non apex over an apex’ed, model.

We all have different auditory systems, so some people may not perceive much difference between Apex and Non-Apex…

As an example, it is also the case with clocks…
For me, the Rossini Clock made an easily discernible difference, whereas for others it didn’t…

I think that the majority of those of us that have the Apex version feel that it is worthwhile but, if that’s not the case for you, then so be it…

Just enjoy the music.


I guess you had pretty much summed it up, it’s the same as people perceive Magico speakers as harsh and clinical but I find it otherwise driving it with a Class A amp.

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In my opinion, it’s a case of ‘each unto their own’…

Hifi had been fun so far after spending 2 decades with Naim with many black boxes and simplifying it to a 3 boxes setup.


That’s good to hear (pun intended)! :grinning:

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I understand the Naim box problem, but on the other hand a Vivaldi stack with pre-amp, monoblock power amps, a subwoofer, and power conditioner would be 8 boxes of electronics plus probably 3 remote controls. There may be no escape.

Well unlikely to face this issue with many boxes as I am done with hifi. I got rid of my Naim stack including the speaker at the peak of Covid for my current setup. The cost of hifi gears is very expensive now and I will be better off keeping my extra cash for rainy days.

+20 years with a big Naim 500 system
these days 4 boxes -
DarTZeel pre + amp, Rossini + clock
oh forgot the Klimax Radikal for the LP12😉