Does a dCS clock make sense

This is a question for Pete (or anyone else)

I have a Paganini DAC and now have an opportunity to purchase the matching Paganini Master Clock. Just not sure how much if a difference it would make in my set up.

I’m using the Paganini as my preamp as well as DAC. I only have two sources …. Lumin T-1 streamer and Esoteric X-03 CD player linked to an Esoteric G-03x clock. Since the Lumin does not have connection for an external clock, would adding the Paganini Clock to just the DAC make a noticeable (I.e. worthwhile) improvement.

If it is the second version of the clock then aside form any considerations as to its sonic impact it has a more versatile USB input ( e.g. accepts DoP) than the one that came with the Upsampller. BTW you can tell if it is the second version as the earlier one has no USB input.

As for improved sound then, as you say, with your setup , the advantages secured from the synchronisation of the DAC and sources is not relevant. However it is still a step up from using the Paganini DAC internal clock.

I have written quite a bit about the sound improvement when using one of the system master clocks. I will briefly repeat that it is subtle but once fully experienced difficult (impossible?) to live without. What does your Esoteric CD player sound like without its external clock? May be that would provide you with some kind of guide.Maybe.

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As always, Pete …. you kind and helpful advice is sincerely appreciated.

So in your opinion there is no advantage to have both Dac and Streamer synchronised with a master clock vs a dCS dac + Streamer without a master clock in between?

No my opinion is the opposite. I trust that you read the OP’s set up where he says he has a master clock from Esoteric which we know is not compatible with dCS. He just uses it with his Esoteric CD playe ( if I remember correctly the Esoteric wordclock interface is 50 ohm). He also has a Lumin streamer but that has no wordclock input. Hence the advantage of synching them to his Paganini with a Paganini master clock is not available to him and this approach is therefore not relevant to his question.

I meant isolated and regardless of the topic question.