Do i need a preamplifier for dcs debussy

Sorry for my English :slight_smile: .
My DCS Debussy is connected to the Electrocompaniet aw250r power amplifier directly. Will buying a preamp (most likely Electrocompaniet 4.8) improve the sound or a preamp in DCS better?
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Found the answer on the forum), apparently there will be no difference.
There was another question, is there a DCS bridge network, on dcs debussy, the output signal relay is set to 2V, the volume on the DAC is set to maximum … When adjusting the volume via DCS Mosaic, does the sound quality drop?
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Well “there will be no difference” is one of three possible answers the other two are it will sound better with a pre-amp and it will sound better without one. I am sure you will get all three responses to your original question. Only you can determine which is right for you.

In my case with a pre-amp it sounds better.

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That is, of course, not credible. You are taking an analogue signal from one component , adding interconnects plugs and sockets then passing it through another device with its own switching circuitry ( unless it is only a single source device ) and its own set of choices and compromises made by its designer for volume control and output stage. There has to be a change when it is added. The question is whether or not you can hear the difference ( and that is down to your hearing acuity ) and then whether or not you like it.

Digital volume controls work by reducing the available bit depth. The further you reduce the level the less resolution there is. With a preamp you should set the dCS equipment to maximum ( 0.0dBfs) and adjust the volume with the preamp. Without a preamp and using Mosaic I would try to keep the volume control set above circa. -20dBfs , you may be able to go a little lower than this without running into problems but the above advice leaves a little safety margin. Nevertheless some find subjectively that they prefer to use full output from the digital volume control which is another reason that many use a preamp.